This guide provides a helpful overview of all of the great options agents have to help market and sell new listings. Watch the video and/or read through the overview below.

The agent portal is so helpful to manage content, share properties, and serve as the home for every listing. For every listing there is a suite of marketing tools available to use (for free!) to help promote the listing. Let’s walk through what options are available to help market your listing.

Property Websites

Property websites
are easy to personalize and built to help you stand out. Choose one of the custom-designed themes or edit the template that was provided by the photographer. Manage your brand assets directly within your account to ensure websites look great and stay on brand. Showcase past, current, and sold listings on their own dedicated website and easily share properties to social media and generate leads with all listing content viewable on one page. Click here to learn more about personalizing property websites.

Unbranded Websites

Every listing will have a branded and an unbranded version of the property website. The unbranded property website can be added to the MLS by copying and pasting the link in the “Virtual Tour” field it to give viewers a way to see all of the listings media in a single, viewable page.

Branded Websites

The branded website is a great tool to help you market the listing outside of the MLS, such as Facebook or an email blast to subscribers. On every listing, there are social icons on the listing header that will allow you to post the branded website to your Facebook page directly from your account! Click the Facebook icon, sign into your FB account, and share away! The post will link to the full branded website helping viewers get the whole picture of the home in a single post.

Example Theme: Click here for Full Preview

Property Details

Updating property details on a listing is a great way to highlight as much information about the property as possible to help sell it faster. Update the main property details on any property by opening the listing and expanding the Property Details section.

Property Status

Update the property status here. Select the status from a dropdown list of options. Be sure to click the Save Status button after setting this field.

Main Details

Update the main property details here or click the Autocomplete Details button which will attempt to autocomplete the details for this property. If records are available from the local county, Aryeo will automatically pull them in!

Note: Not every property will have records available. But information can still be entered manually!

Input property details like Property Price, MLS #, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Home Sq. Ft., Lot Acres, Parking Spots, Year Built, Property Type, and a Property Description. Any information input in the fields within the section will be visible on the property website. Be sure to click the Save Details button at the bottom of this section after inputting information in these fields.


Here’s a preview of how the property website details display on the property website

Marketing Center

Create custom listing marketing materials with your team. Use Aryeo’s drag-and-drop editor to design, materials such as flyers, postcards, digital ads, social media posts, and more! Choose from a wide variety of fully customizable templates to create the desired look and feel for your marketing material. With the content already uploaded, marketing materials can be made faster than ever before.