Advanced real estate digital marketing

Hand Blended HDR Photos

$150  |  25 MLS Photos
$175  |  40 MLS Photos
$200  |   55 MLS Photos

We offer a unique service of high dynamic range (HDR) photography and hand blending of photos to create stunning images that are bright and crisp with a neutral colour tone. Moreover, our exterior photos are edited with blue skies to show a more cheery day, no matter the current weather. We take great pride in our photos, ensuring that you will get the best results possible.

Hand Blended HDR Photo
Matterport Virtual Tour

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

$180  |  0-1500 Sq Ft
$230  |  1501-3000 Sq Ft
$280  |  3001-5000 Sq Ft

Our Matterport service offers a unique way for potential buyers to explore listings – using the latest 3D scanning cameras, we can showcase your space in a realistic 3D format and let potential buyers tour the listing virtually. This cutting-edge technology allows you to win more listings and give potential buyers an immersive experience with your listings.


$250 | 1-2 min walkthrough video
$120 |   Up to 60 sec vertical Instagram Reel
$80 | Agent video intro and outro

Our real estate video service is a great way for you to bring your listing to life! Captured in stunning 4K resolution using the iPhone 14 Pro, our videos include both interior and exterior coverage – giving potential buyers a comprehensive look at the property. With our service, you can make sure that your listing stands out from the rest.

Drone Photo

Drone Photos


Our drone photo service offers the perfect way to showcase views, acreage, waterfront, and more! Our package includes 10 drone photos, providing a unique aerial perspective to your property. With our service, you can capture stunning visuals that will truly elevate your home from the crowd.

Virtual Staging

$40 per photo  | 5 photo minimum
$45 per photo  | 2 – 4 photos
$50 per photo  | 1 photo

We offer an innovative solution for those who don’t have the time or the inclination to stage their homes. Our virtual staging service is an easy and cost-effective way to fill a home with furnishings and bring vacant listings to life. Furthermore, you’ll receive your staged photos within 24 hours of selecting them. With our virtual staging service, your property will stand out from the rest!

Virtual Staging
Virtual Twilights

Virtual Twilight Photos


We provide a unique service: virtual twilight photos. These photos are created using our daylight photos, meaning there is no need for a separate dusk appointment. However, for properties with large windows or complex landscape lighting, we recommend real twilight photography for the best quality results.

2D Floor Plans + Room Measurements


We provide comprehensive 2d floor plans that are laser-measured and scanned using LiDAR for the highest accuracy. These plans include the dimensions of the room, the fixed furniture pieces and the names of the rooms. Our service is designed to give our clients a precise and detailed representation of their space.

2D Floor Plans
Custom Feature Sheet

Custom Feature Sheets

$60  | digitally setup
$130  | digitally setup, printed on semi-gloss 12pt card stock & delivered – 25pc

We create a customized feature sheet for each property in 11×17″ tabloid format. These feature sheets are an ideal way to highlight your property and provide potential buyers with a tangible reminder. Additionally, they provide the seller with a sentimental keepsake.

Photo Bundle
$250-300($45 Savings)
  • 25/40/55 MLS Photos
  • Schematic Floor Plan with Room Measurements
  • Property Website & Marketing Kit
Video Bundle
$475-575($70 Savings)
  • 25/40/55 HDR Photos
  • Cinematic Video (1-2 Min)
  • Schematic Floor Plan with Room Measurements
  • Property Website & Marketing Kit
Small Condo Bundle - Under 700 Sq Ft
$220($50 Savings)
  • 10-15 MLS Photos
  • Property Website & Marketing Kit
  • &
  • Schematic Floor Plan with Room Measurements
  • or
  • 15-20 Second Video Reel for Social Media

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